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Founder, Lead Photographer

"When you meet Kim, your first impression will be that she is the kindest person you've ever met." ~Bryan Jackson/ Wedding Client

Hi, I'm Kim. 15+ years in the photography industry, and I'm still driven by my desire to grow creatively and technically.

I'm experienced. Following years of formal training, I began my professional life as a photojournalist with film camera in hand. It was a fast-paced, crash course in capturing the perfect moment. Being limited to all manual features, a set ISO, and 36 images (38 if I wound the film just right) brought my photography to new levels.

Over the course of my journey as a professional photographer and entrepreneur, I have found that my born, learned, and developed artistry and passion of capturing an unlimited array of candid moments, lends naturally to weddings, corporate events, children, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera...

I'm creative, sentimental and fun. I sew, craft my own Halloween costumes, collect antiques and am in love with my 5-speed V8 Mustang. I still hold dear my very first camera (a teal 110mm) and the memory of my Grandpa and I, a teeny 5-year-old redhead, standing in a corn field while he gave me my first photography tip.

I'm published. Visit, www.kimberlyhatchphotography.com/Credentials

Photographer, Creative Consultant

"Al’s so great at what he does, it's almost like the camera’s aren’t even there." ~ Mychal Connolly/ Co-Founder of Cambridge Entrepreneur Academy, Founder of Stinky Cakes

A graduate of the New England Institute of Art with a Bachelors of Science in Digital Filmmaking and Media Production, Al brings both trained knowledge and years of experience to the table. From ESPN 2004 World Series Baseball to Lucky McKee's "The Woman," Al has worked in a variety of aspects of the media industry. 

Al's personal creative outlets span across the board from writing, directing, shooting, and producing horror movie shorts, to writing for and being a member of two bands (psychobilly band, Creepin Cadavers and punk rock band, Funzzle). Between his deep knowledge and passion for horror movies, his slap stick sense of humor and his animated smile, Al adds a fun and energetic vibe to Kimberly Hatch Photography.


Social Darling

Positivity Promoter

"This dog knows what's up." ~Andy Deane/ Bella Morte Frontman

As an honors graduate ("Most Improved") from Sandy Meadow Farm's eight week "Basic Companion" class and graduate from their seven week upper grad course, "Better Manners", Buster has come a long way from his West Hartford, CT street days. 

Today Buster's contribution both in and outside of Kimberly Hatch Photography may be summed up, but in no way limited to, being an all around good guy. A guy who will do anything for just about anyone. For example, balancing a stack of six biscuits on his head and another four in his mouth, or diving to the depths of a murky lake to retrieve somebody's long lost tennis ball. Whether a Kimberly Hatch Photography team member could use a good mid-day cuddle or a portrait client could use some assistance initiating an authentic smile, Buster Brown is the dog for the job.

Behind The Scenes

Kim & Family

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