Al Liptak | Photographer

"Al’s so great at what he does, it's almost like the cameras aren’t even there." ~ Mychal Connolly/ Co-Founder of Cambridge Entrepreneur Academy, Founder of Stinky Cakes

A graduate of the New England Institute of Art with a Bachelors of Science in Digital Filmmaking and Media Production, Al brings both trained knowledge and years of experience to the table. From ESPN 2004 World Series Baseball to Lucky McKee's "The Woman," Al has worked in a variety of aspects of the media industry.

Al's personal creative outlets span across the board from writing, directing, shooting, and producing horror movie shorts, to writing for and being a member of two bands (psychobilly band, Creepin Cadavers and punk rock band, Funzzle). Between his deep knowledge and passion for horror movies, his slapstick sense of humor and his animated smile, Al adds a fun and energetic vibe to Kimberly Hatch Photography.

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