Buster Brown | Positivity Promoter

"This dog knows what's up." ~Andy Deane/ Bella Morte Frontman

As an honors graduate ("Most Improved") from Sandy Meadow Farm's eight weeks "Basic Companion" class and graduate from their seven-week upper grad course, "Better Manners", Buster has come a long way from his West Hartford, CT street days.

Today Buster's contribution both in and outside of Kimberly Hatch Photography may be summed up, but in no way limited to, being an all-around good guy. A guy who will do anything for just about anyone. For example, balancing a stack of six biscuits on his head and another four in his mouth, or diving to the depths of a murky lake to retrieve somebody's long-lost tennis ball. Whether a Kimberly Hatch Photography team member could use a good mid-day cuddle or a portrait client could use some assistance initiating an authentic smile, Buster Brown is the dog for the job.

Buster Brown's Home Life

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