01/17/17 Norma & David Ott's Studio Couple Portraits- Westfield, MA - Kimberly Hatch Photography

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Norma and David Ott celebrated their 40th, (FORTIETH!!!) wedding anniversary on December 30th. I had the fortune of meeting and capturing them for the first time the day to follow. Now let me elaborate. In their forty years of marriage there are but a handful of images of the two of them together and zero professional images. None. The closest thing either Norma or David came close to a professional photography session was back in 1972 when Norma had a few senior portraits taken. Seeing as David's health has not been 100% Norma felt the urge to reach out after having passed the Kimberly Hatch Photography billboard on nearly a daily basis. That is a heck of a lot of years to make up for, image wise and I welcomed the potentially overwhelming task whole heartily and enthusiastically.

Norma, David and myself spent an hour in the Kimberly Hatch Photography portrait studio together. The two of them enjoying each other's company as they have done for over four decades, sharing stories of their many travels, humorous parenting stories and of course their oh so wise relationship advice. We spent this time together, bonding, laughing, and even shedding tears. Specifically my own tears the moment Norma and David embraced before me and the point in time I overheard Norma whisper to her dear partner in life, “don't die on me.”

I can not thank the two of you enough for this opportunity and time we spent together. Happy fortieth anniversary, Norma and David.


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Norma & David Ott Couple Portraits

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