10/22/15 Mom Gets Recognized - Kimberly Hatch Photography

Real Moments Captured

     Having spent nearly a decade as a photojournalist, capturing awards ceremonies are second nature. The one I captured today, however encompassed pure pride, joy, a long over due sense of completion, and tears... all from the "girl behind the camera"- myself.

     On this perfect New England autumn afternoon I travelled to The Log Cabin which is nestled on scenic Mount Tom in Holyoke, MA to photographically document yet another awards ceremony. Only this ceremony was a little more personal than all the proceeding. Advocacy and peer counseling for persons with disabilities organization, Stavros presented its Ted Martineau Award to a woman who has worked to make Franklin County more accessible to persons with disabilities. I am personal witness to this woman's life long dedication to others, both on small scale and large.  I feel confident in saying that this recognition and honor has been long deserved. I say this as the daughter of this benevolent woman.  Here's to my mom, Betty Tegel.

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