12/19/16 Kelsey Baran & Scott Lecca's Wedding! - Kimberly Hatch Photography

Real Moments Captured.

From the first moment I sat down with Kelsey and Scott at the Kimberly Hatch Photography studio's cushy sitting room, the connection they have between one another was more than apparent. A pair of genuine, kind and sentimental souls who exude glee and an eagerness for life. Kelsey and Scott Lecca's once in a life time wedding day was a unblemished reflection of those facets. From the sentiment in choosing the Holyoke Canoe Club as their reception venue (a destination in which Kelsey has childhood family ties), to the liveliness illuminating from the guests infinite smiles and recoiling laughter. Every fluid second encompassed an over abundance of emotions. I could not have been any more humbled and honored to have been the wedding photographer privileged to capture every twinkling second of the Baraon Lecca union.


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