12/22/15 Those Moments In Life - Kimberly Hatch Photography

Real Moments Captured.

     I've always held a lot of gratitude towards the fact that I not only have found my passions in life but more importantly that I actually get to “do” what I love.

     This entire year I have been on overload. Renovating and opening up a new studio space, on top of acquiring and renovating a new (to us) old house, on top of moving, on top of being pregnant for the first time, on top of running my own business, on top of, on top of, on top of.... All wonderfully amazing milestones and achievements but one could imagine that I am overdue for a few long breaths and a liberating run into the ocean!

     'Tis the season for holiday shoots and businesses/corporations seeking unpredicted work before the years end. One of these recent preplanned holiday sessions doubled as a celebratory 70th birthday, uniting eleven Chmielewski family members from across the country. A lot of thought goes into each session I photograph and as a result, inadvertent predictions... “This one's going to be a cake walk”, “We're shooting a toddler? Let's set ourselves up for success and schedule around nap time, stock up on snacks and hope for the best.” Some go as imagined, some not and I love that.

     This Chmielewski family session was one that caught me off guard. The Kimberly Hatch Photography studio was filled to the BRIM with emotions.... love, tears and cheers. I, the eight month pregnant photographer, four and a half feet into the air on a step ladder, was no spectator but was well a part of this journey together. This is when the word “gratitude” comes to mind yet again. I shared the tears. I shared the laughs. I shared the love. For that hour of my life my unborn child and I were a member of the Chmielewski family. Thank you for the reminder of how the truly important things in life are sometimes merely an arms reach or a phone call away. Thank you, Jeanne, Laurie, Phyllis, Julie, Sherri, Tammy, Christine, John, James and Michael for embracing me as tightly as you embraced each other.


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