WELL!!!! We are just about one month into renovations of the new photo/ video studio and I have to say, "holy bajeezus the progress!" Demolition, carpet removal, carpet installation, carpentry, painting, painting, painting, shopping, tearing apart, piecing together... you name it, chances are we've gotten our hands dirty and probably done it. Needless to say, between the day to day of running Kimberly Hatch Photography and the all consuming night to night/weekend to weekend studio renovations, it is a wonder that I can continue to say, "I have not had a sip of caffeine in over 2.5 years!" Truth!

Despite what feels like a growing "to do" list there IS a foreseeable completion in near sight! Huge thank you's to, Alex Liptak, Jeremie Lapointe, Lucas Socha, Kyle Fleetwood, Erica Olbrych and the ever so faithful, Buster Brown for diving in and transforming this thousand square foot space with me. The Mill At Crane Pond's Suite 112 does not know what hit it! ~LOVE, Kim

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