Now Booking Holiday Mini's!

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On paper it may look like a photographer's "slow season" but let me tell is anything but! Not only is it the time of year for catch-up, revamping websites, strategizing business and marketing plans and addressing the businesses "wish to do" list BUT it is also the time of year for the annual photographers workshop, Inspire Photo Retreat!

This years professional photographers gathering is to be held in Portland, ME and due to New England's relentless winter I will be packing my bags, checking the oil and tying up loose ends a day early. Four days of absorbing an abundance of shared knowledge, intensive classes, hands-on learning, catching up with fellow Hallmark Institute of Photography 2001 grads and meeting new photography family members.

From what I hear of this storm, I am in for one heck of a ride today and I hope Enna and Matt Grazier will have a beer waiting for me on the other side of this trek! ~Kim

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