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Well it's been two months of renovations and I do not say this light heartedly. Late nights, weekends, ALL of Valentine's day. Finger to the bone.... no scratch that, brain to the curb, body hit by mac truck, two months. It's a wonder that my partner in life/partner in business and I survived.

I unearthed the end of the rainbow last night. It was not the moment I welcomed my first clients/friends into the new Kimberly Hatch Photography studio space. It was not when I popped the shutter for the first time. It was not when good friend, Miss Bassi was glowing in excitement and praise for us. It was the moment the hour long promo shoot with SAKARA completed. I just wrapped up capturing two gorgeous ladies (Ciara and Lindsey) modeling merch, I layed my Canon (the extension of myself) onto a paint splattered stool, powered down the strobes, turned a corner and found life. Life and happiness in what was once a dreary, filthy, florescent lit square room- what we now proudly call our "client meeting area." Our completed client meeting area. Life sitting on the furniture we so strategically picked out and assembled. Life standing on the floor I was touching up with a fine point paint brush mere hours before. Life helping themselves to candy from our resident knight in armor, Paul. There it is. Happiness. It overtook me. The stars aligned. This was one of those moments that reminded me that everything happens for a reason.

It was the year 2000 (♪ in the year two thousandddddd....♫), fifteen years ago that I officially began my path as a professional photographer, stepping foot into the entryway of the Hallmark Institute of Photography. It was thirty years ago that I was gifted my very first camera. I can go back and back... but the present moment.. divine happiness, accomplishment, gratitude. My shoulders have finally dropped and I can breathe again.

Two months of tunneled energy. The “to do” list continues to lessen and grow in the same moments but despite the paint touch up's, despite the exposed changing room door frame, despite the fact that we have barely touched upon Al's office, IT IS DONE. My reward? An actual evening off. Time for myself. Time for US. A long shower. A haircut. Baby shower shopping. A date with the man who shares the same goals in life, the man who put as much of his soul into this studio as I. ~Love, Kim

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