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Real Moments Captured

The majority of Carla Lomangino and Kyle Murray's hours during their East Longmeadow, MA backyard wedding were spent socializing with fifty of their closest friends and family members, as well as enjoying their new patio bar and finding peace afoot their serene and scenic waterfall. Few wedding traditions accompanied the day. Few were called for. Love, laughter, togetherness and a few glasses of wine more than filled the niche.

As Carla and Kyle's New England wedding photographer, it was my role to become one with my surroundings and the people within it in order to capture beautiful Real Moments from the prodigious day. I absorbed an abundance of genuine happiness from Carla and Kyle's bond, Kyle's son, and every single one of their guests. That feeling is invaluable and I can only hope that the following wedding photo sneak peeks evoke even a fragment of that for you, my fabulous viewer! Stay tuned to the Kimberly Hatch Photography website to discover more images from Carla & Kyle's memorable wedding day! Meanwhile, your own prints of these sneak peeks may be ordered by clicking here!

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Murray, m. June 23, 2018!!! 

~Kim (Kimberly Hatch Photography Founder/ Lead Wedding Photographer)

Photographer: Kimberly Hatch Photography | Caterer: Elegant Affairs of Springfield, MA | DJ: Out Of This World Entertainment (Scott I. Alexander)

Carla & Kyle Murray New England Outdoor Wedding Photography

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