2/21/15 Agawam Public Library Winter Fun Festival - Kimberly Hatch Photography

Real Moments Captured


The Agawam Public Library held a “Winter Fun Festival” on Saturday. The public event offered an afternoon of fun involving crafts, games, face painting and snacks for local children and their families. ~Kimberly Hatch/ Agawam Advertiser News, Turley Publications

Captions from left:

Amanda Lareau, 6 enjoys the event with her furry fox friend.

Diane Frogament and her two year old daughter, Leanna Frogament craft an edible snowman out of marshmallows, candies and pretzels.

Julianna Castro, 5 sits sufficiently entertained by her new toy.

Four year old, Peyton Fleagle pieces together a paper snowflake wreath.

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