3/12/15 Oak Ridge Golf Club- Mother Son Dance- Agawam, MA - Kimberly Hatch Photography

Real Moments Captured.


Oak Ridge Golf Club in Agawam hosted the town's annual Mother-Son Dance last Thursday. The evening of goodies, dressing up and dancing paved the way for memorable moments between the attending mothers and their young sons. ~Kimberly Hatch/ Agawam Advertiser News, Turley Publications

Captions from left:

Kerry Kennedy of Agawam is please her eight year old, Liam is having a good time.


Mothers were having just as much fun as their sons.

Mothers and sons participate in a dance-off to the Village People song, "YMCA."

Seven-year-old Lucas Blackak of Agawam takes a break to have a moment with his mother.

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