3/2/15 Agawam Public Library Enchanted Circle Theater Interactive Literacy Workshop - Kimberly Hatch Photography

Real Moments Captured.


An interactive literacy workshop was held at the Agawam Public Library Monday evening for children and their families. Two actors from Enchanted Circle Theater, based out of Holyoke, lead in engaging and dramatic readings and expressive arts activities. ~Kimberly Hatch/ Agawam Advertiser News, Turley Publications

Captions from left:

Axel Cruz of Enchanted Circle Theater reads from the children's book, “Giraffes Can't Dance.”

Children and parents enjoy the hour long public event.

Axel Cruz, left, and Tony Jones, right, of Enchanted Circle Theater entertain and interact with the audience.

Wide eyed, Roxy Morrison, 8, enjoys Tony Jones' portrayal of a giraffe.

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