3/30/16 WE Are Family - Kimberly Hatch Photography

Real Moments Captured

It's not just my immediate family that has been growing recently but those of relatives, friends and clients who I feel more comfortable labeling as friends.

I met Sarah Lamb (Elander at the time) for the first time over coffee and tea at the Daily Grind in Southwick over two years ago following an emailed wedding photography inquiry. “Hello! I came across your page browsing the internet and your photographs look amazing and exactly like the style I am looking for! Was wondering if you had October 25th of this year available, thanks! Sarah Elander” We chatted, we smiled, we talked wedding dresses and wedding venues, I struggled with exacting the balance of honey to scalding hot herbal tea. Less than a month later I found myself tromping through the depths of Massachusetts' February snow to capture engagement photos of her and her gloriously afro haired, metal-head fiance, Jeremy. What an amazing couple. So genuine. So kind. So open. The kind of people you find yourself sharing your most embarrassing wedding story with just after having only met in person a handful of times... 

That happened today... I overshared with my clients! But that's not my focus in telling you this story... Baby! A new baby! Sarah and Jeremy Lamb are expecting their first child in just a few weeks. Three months after I had my own. THAT is the reason for this story. Babies, connections between people, connections between myself and my clients... *ahem, FRIENDS. I've said it before and I shall say it again, I feel a connection with every single person I capture. Perhaps it is a mere reflection of myself that I am seeing. The piece of myself that goes into every image I capture. Nonetheless I feel a connection.

I have had the fortune of connecting with Sarah and Jeremy as I captured a period of time in their lives when they were engaged. I felt a connection with Sarah and Jeremy as I captured the day they vowed to love each other until deaths door. And I felt a connection today when I captured the final stage of Sarah and Jeremy's pregnancy. I look forward to the connection I will feel when I capture their little one for the very first time. I so look forward to taking part in welcoming you into this world and memorializing the image of you as a wee one, baby Eriksen.

Thank you so much, Sarah, Jeremy and the rest of you who allow me into your intimate worlds if even for a mere hour. To some of you I may just be a lady with a camera but to me you are so much more.

To view more images from Sarah and Jeremy's maternity session visit, www.kimberlyhatchphotography.com/Portraits/Maternity/Sarah-Jeremy-Lamb-Maternity/


Sarah & Jeremy Lamb Maternity Portraits

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