3/8/18 Inside The House Of Jules Interiors- Interior Design Commercial Photography & Headshot Photographer - Kimberly Hatch Photography

Real Moments Captured.

When two creatives collaborate and coincidentally share the same internal abstract vision, it can evoke a sense of magic with oneself. The inner spark that fuels you, ignites and purges you forward into a land of fantasy that was once so easily accessible as a child. To not only have that experience, share it with another, but also carry the gift of bringing that untouchable image to light and to develop it into a tangible photo is truly remarkable.

I was very fortunate to have embraced this experience recently thanks to a local friend and marketing strategist/ developer/ guru, Janice Greenburg of the Springfield, Massachusetts area, in her professional life most recently known for elevating Temptime Corporation and Vanderbilt University to new levels. Ever since our first introduction, creativity, high-fives and big smiles have been running rampant between myself and Julia Lesser, the mastermind, creative and founder of the young startup Longmeadow, MA business, House Of Jules Interiors.

“Julia says her style is constantly inspired and ever-evolving. She describes it as eclectic, and thoughtful and says it imbues rustic, modern and bohemian elements. Julia craves styling opportunities that challenge her creativity and she believes that with her human service education and her design passion are just a few key components that ensure positive client relationships and successful projects.”

On this International Women's Day 2018, I celebrate two local small businesses run by women, House Of Jules Interiors and western Mass's own, Kimberly Hatch Photography and bring to you the photo aftermath of our collaboration...

~Kim (Founder / Lead Photographer)

To view more images from this Interior Design Commercial Corporate Product Photogaphy photo shoot/ PR Headshot Portrait session visit, http://www.kimberlyhatchphotography.com/Corporate/House-Of-Jules-Interior-Design-Commercial

Interior design credit: House Of Jules Interiors, Longmeadow MA    |    Photo credit: Kimberly Hatch Photography, Westfield MA

Interior Design Commercial Product Photography- New England Photo Studio

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