4/16/15 Corporate Photography- Bay Path University - Kimberly Hatch Photography

Real Moments Captured.

Anyone who's had the opportunity to sit down and chat photography with me, is likely to understand that my passion is eclectic. I mean, take a look at the range of images I produce on a weekly basis... newborns, products in the studio, candid family moments, corporate events, headshots, bands, community events....

Yesterday I had the opportunity to embrace and unite a long over due New England spring day in all its glory, corporate promotion, photojournalism, engaging elated moments and the look in a determined college students studying eye. Thank you to Bay Path University, the Hatch Library and Sandy C. for bringing me on board yet again to what I love and do best- authentically capture real moments in a photojournalistic, professional and visually engaging manner. ~Kim

Mary & Michael Griffin's Wedding

Christen & Jake Manuele's Wedding

Stephanie & Corey's Wedding

Big I Legislative Conference

Danielle & Andy Bruno's Wedding

Carla & Kyle Murray's Wedding

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