5/29/15 In The Red - Kimberly Hatch Photography

Real Moments Captured

     “Good morning Kim my band is looking to get new pics and wanted to know what u charge.”

     Peter Rizzo turned out to be one of the guitarists for Hartford, CT based metal band, In The Red. Having spent my fair share of time working in group and band settings, I understand the difficulties that tend to accompany the meetings of creative minds. But this was not my experience at all working with them.

       This group of five artists knew in tandem what they wanted out of their new promotional shoot. They sent me a series of five heavily digitally manipulated “inspirational” shots. Now the artist that flows through my veins would normally get super excited over the prospect of this creative and pinpointed challenge. What held me back? The more time spent altering, rendering and digitally manipulating images to replace backgrounds [create a style reminiscent of the movie "300"] the more the client's going to spend. And, as aforementioned, I've spent some time in the band community and I understand that artists of all kinds tend to lack financial resources. Quote of estimated costs-sent and approved. Easy as that.

     “Easy as that” paved the way for the rest of our journey on this project together. Completely contradictory to many other group-based projects. This group of six artists (myself included) had a unified goal. We were receptive to each others input. Decisions were made in ridiculously efficient time frames. Heck, these rockstars were even early to their shoot at the Kimberly Hatch Photography studio! C'mon, this isn't real life!

     As amazing as this band was to work with, I did my best to return the support. After image selections were made and I put in hours of computer work on one image (“the money shot”), I received the news that badass bassist, Kevin was to leave the state and the band due to a new career venture. Well sh*t, right? On the contrary... “no problem, guys.” They opened the door of opportunity for me to take the easy way out and simply crop Kevin out of said “money shot” but out of respect for my work and for these guys, I couldn't do it. I offered to do it the “right” way and digitally cut Kevin out, as if he was never there.... awww, believe me it was not without guilt!

     Needless to say, I have absolutely LOVED working with and capturing A.J., Peter, Chris, John and Kevin. My heart was warmed from their feedback as well,

“...I enjoyed working with you yesterday :) thanks again for that. You really are very talented and awesome to work with.” ~A.J. Pelletier/ lead vocals

“Working with you is always a pleasure. Even in your emails I can tell you're the real deal :-) “ ~Chris Elliott/ guitar, vocals

“I would honestly recommend Kim to anyone in the local music scene or anyone seeking a professional photographer in general. She is very professional, down to earth, and awesome to work with! Thanks again Kim for everything!” ~A.J. Pelletier/ lead vocals

     Oh and did I mention In The Red was Stone Chrome Radio's “Sickest Band Of The Week” this week?! Heck yeah! If you're ever looking for a fun night out with live music, a master T-rex impersonation, or to be scared to the point of shivers by someone belting screams two inches from your camera lens, In The Red are the men for the job.

\m/ Kim

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