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Holyoke Juvenile Court

I have spent nearly fifteen years of my time on this Earth capturing life moments from pregnancies to funerals, from community fairs to tragic accidents, from soccer games to town meetings. Out of the thousands and thousands of events and moments I have photographically covered, one of the most emotionally hard hitting shoots for me transpired on a Wednesday morning...yesterday morning.

Not two years ago I was facing the innocent fear of adjusting the lanky alien-like limbs of two interlocking premature twin boys as I captured their portraits for the first time. An hour later, I was left with some of my favorite images I have ever taken. Irony! These soulful images that I was so proud of were for select eyes only to see. Fore these two brown eyed, fuzzy haired, squeaky brothers came into our “American dream” raised world with a twist, they were being cared for by two foster parents. Married couple, Jonathan and Mary Hatch (no relation to me?!) and I were merely acquaintances at the time. Friends of friends. Joke on them, they are now a couple of the closest people I have in my life.

Over the past two years I have had the gift of watching and capturing these two little boys develop into a couple of the smiliest two year olds one has ever seen. I can't help but believe this is all credited to the abundance of love and nurturing from Jon and Mary. Jon and Mary took a huge risk. They opened up their entire selves to these two little souls, all along knowing the great possibility that fate very well could decide that this selfless couple were not to be the forever parents of these two brothers.

Yesterday morning I had the blessing of being amongst family as I captured the moment Judge Beksky announced Jonathan and Mary Hatch the lawful parents of those once premature twin boys, Ezra and Jonathan.

Congratulations, I love you guys. Thank you for gifting me the honor of transforming this landmark in your life into tangible images that will live on. ~Kim

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