6/23/16 My Accidental Homage - Kimberly Hatch Photography

Real Moments Captured.

A week and a half ago, on June 10th I had the sincere pleasure of capturing the Jacquier family. What was the occasion? Frank and Jaime Jacquier were celebrating their 10th anniversary. 

The setting for this photographic story of this family of four (plus their “puppy” Bella) had the personal touch of taking place at their 30 acre Southwick home. 30 acres indeed! As I found myself weaving and winding between towering trees going up, up, up a gravel driveway, one could bet  that I was glad I opted to drive my Escape over my Mustang! 

As introductions and "get to know you's" had passed, what bestowed upon me and unveiled before my Canon prime lens was to simply put, a happy family and a whole lotta love for one another. What was happening behind the camera, in the mind, heart and soul of the gal capturing the sincerity of emotions is another story...

I adventitiously found myself capturing the type of images that make me thrive as an artist. Off kilter, open to interpretation, a little weird images. Internally indirectly reminiscent of my idol, controversial and world renowned photographer, Sally Mann.

To say this session was a successful "shoot" would, in my opinion, be an understatement. In one mere hour we captured....... Love. More than once, we captured the smile on a man who rarely shares one with a camera. We revisited and recreated Frank and Jaime's engagement photo. We captured sibling unity. We captured Mason's astounding smile. We captured the yin and yang that defines Keira.  

Thank you so much, Frank, Jaime, Mason, Keira and Bella for this opportunity. For possessing the confidence and comfort to open yourselves up to me and my camera. Happy Anniversary!

Visit, http://www.kimberlyhatchphotography.com/Portraits/Families/Jacquier-Family-2016/ to view more images.


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