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I'm a thrifter. I'm a lover of antiques. I'm a “pull over immediately there is an old ___ that someone left curbside” scavenger. Heck, even on my way to capture quite possibly the most important day in a couple's lives together, I check the time to see if I could squeeze in the tag sale I had just passed on Route 9.

Being that Caitlin and Barry are currently residing in Washington, D.C. our initial communication was via email. After some back and forth, Caitlin, Barry and I met in person one weekend to chat face to face. We felt comfortable with one another. A trio of legit nice folk with a bit of underlaying quirkiness to each one of us. While meeting with potential wedding clients for the first time, I express the utter importance of “connection.” Ya like my work? Ok cool, but out of all of the photographers you met with think about, who you feel most comfortable with. Have the most confidence in. Have the biggest connection with. Sometimes it's me, sometimes nay.

It wasn't until the speeches. The speeches the day of Caitlin and Barry's wedding that it dawned on me- there is a bigger connection here. Something deeper than a few nice people feeling comfortable with one another and sharing scattered laughs. Come to find out Caitlin, our beloved bride of the day is a thrifter. A lover of antiques. A scavenger... just like myself. What does this translate to to me? This woman values art. She respects history, Alike a closed flower, there is a depth to her. Caitlin is authentic and so was her and Barry's May 29, 2016 wedding.

Raised on a hilltop beyond a field and standing proudly amongst elderly domineering trees, sits the historical 1864 The Hedges house, now known as The Amherst Woman's Club. Scattered along the guests dining tables, proudly cradling the brides hand selected and eclectically arranged flowers were antique blue Ball canning jars. These original blue jars were only produced between the late 1890s and 1937 and received their blue and blue-green coloring from sand around Lake Michigan. Garnishing the aged mantles within the Amherst Woman's Club sit images of Caitlin's grandmother draped in none other than the same wedding gown Caitlin wear's today for her dearly sweet, humorous, intelligent love of her life and now husband, Barry Williams.

Thank you Caitlin and Barry. Thank you for opening your petals to share yourselves and this intimate day with me.


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