06/15/17 Jacob's Story- Newborn Photography - Kimberly Hatch Photography

Real Moments Captured

Every photography session, relationship, and family has a story. The Brown family is of no exception. I met Cathy and her husband, Jeremiah through a good friend some years ago. Cathy and Jer are a kind hearted couple who whenever I am in the presence of, I always feel like I am being hugged. My first opportunity of photographing Cathy and Jer came into fruition in 2013 following the birth of their first child, Mya. I still remember meeting and capturing Mya for the first time. Newborn sessions can very easily run long with a mere handful of images to show for them. Mya's portrait session was quite the opposite. This calm demeanored, black as night haired, little miss simply lais wide-eyed, alert and willing for the entire session.

Life happened and some time had passed since my camera was graced with the presence of the Brown family again. Let me correct myself, my camera and I not so much captured the Brown's but a very special photo for the Browns. Cathy was pregnant with her second child but very sadly the little one did not make it to term. On her due date this past January, Cathy opened up on social media by publicly honoring the little one. I, as a new mother, hurt for her. What could I do? What could anyone do? Expressing my sympathy and offering to capture a very special image for her, Jer and Mya seemed so insignificant but I reached out nonetheless.

The metaphorical rain intersected with sun and a rainbow overpowered the shadows. A rainbow child, in fact! It is with indescribable pleasure that I introduce to you, Mister Jacob Brown's newborn images. Welcome to this world, little man. You could not have selected a more admirable family to grace with your presence.


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