04/05/18 Jenny, Shawn & A Baby. It's Happening! - Maternity Portraits- Stanley Park Westfield, MA- New England Candid Photo Studio - Kimberly Hatch Photography

Real Moments Captured.

Sweet couple, Jenny Reyes and Shawn Faulha recently embarked on their first portrait session together in honor of the adored bundle Jenny is carrying! We spent a chilled hour together taking in the radiant beauty of Jenny as well as the fascinating allure western Massachusetts's Stanley Park has to offer. Tailing the end of a long New England weather, it's safe to say all three of us were starved for a taste of spring. Shawn encouraged warmer days with his short sleeves and sunglasses, Jenny with her summer dress and I by embracing the natural light (with a little bit of flash fill!). Sure, we nearly got attached by a intrepid, ornery goose but was it worth it! Thank you Jenny and Shawn for the earnestly enjoyable morning at the park together and welcoming me to capture your maternity portraits! Real Moments Captured.

Discover more images from Jenny & Shawn's maternity portrait session here!

~Kim Founder/ Lead Photographer

Jenny & Shawn's Maternity Portrait Photos

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