12/30/15 Turning The Camera Around - Kimberly Hatch Photography

Real Moments Captured

     Fifteen plus years ago when I was at the peek of my photography training, one of the important lessons taught to us Hallmark Institute of Photography students was, “always keep shooting for yourself.” For as long as I can remember, not one day has gone by that I haven't felt the overwhelming urge to capture a moment.... but to be honest it has been very few and far between in the past decade and half that I have picked up my camera with no destination or specific intention in mind other than experiencing the world and capturing what sparkled my soul along the way.

     Memories that I still hold close and tight are serene moments spent wondering the woods with my 35mm camera capturing the beauty that nature presented in an abstract, almost grim manner. A wooden plateau overlooking endless mountains which, with the assistance of the extension of myself (my camera), translated to a black and white low depth of field, low angle image of what viewers perceive as the beach. The solemn, grasping deceased roots of a personified tree. A couple of my personal favorite images that I have taken, were shot way back when, of my dear friend Jill apathetically holding a “dead” doll by her side while wearing a gloriously poofy black toule skirt and corset in the middle of the woods. And another of my college friend, Francine ghostly silhouetted in the doorway of an old run down barn that we momentarily hijacked.

     The shared desire for unplanned exploratory “adventures” is a binding thread that connects Al and I. After five and a half years together, he has learned to succumb to my impulsive ways. He has learned that those fiery moments are the core that drive me both in life and in my creative outlets.

     A month or so ago, mere moments after we left a Sunday morning corporate shoot at a pristine South Deerfield cul de sac home, that consuming fire hit me yet again. “Did you see that old house that we just passed?! It would be awesome for some maternity shots.” (This coming from the passionate photographer with umpteen empty picture frames throughout her home). And in the spontaneous spirit of my creative self and our relationship we turned around...

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