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"When you meet Kim, your first impression will be that she is the kindest person you've ever met." ~Bryan Jackson/ Wedding Client

“There is beauty in truth.”  Kim, the heart, soul and founder of Kimberly Hatch Photography encompasses decades of professional working experience in recognizing fleeting moments and externalizing them for you through candidly beautiful, unique and sincere images. That is Kim's truth, her courage and unfading desire to open herself up and utilize her formal training, growing years of photojournalistic experience and love of capturing your wedding day, your corporate event, your family portraits....

 Hi, I'm Kim. 20+ years in the photography industry, and I'm still driven by my desire to grow creatively and technically.I'm experienced. Following years of formal training, I began my professional life as a photojournalist with film camera in hand. It was a fast-paced, crash course in capturing the perfect moment. Being limited to all manual features, a set ISO, and 36 images (38 if I wound the film just right) brought my photography to new levels. Over the course of my journey as a professional photographer and entrepreneur, I have found that my born, learned, and developed artistry and passion of capturing an unlimited array of candid moments, lends naturally to weddings, corporate events, children, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera...

I'm creative, sentimental and fun. I sew, craft my own Halloween costumes, collect antiques and am in love with my 5-speed V8 Mustang. I still hold dear my very first camera (a teal 110mm) and the memory of my Grandpa and I, a teeny 5-year-old redhead, standing in a corn field while he gave me my first photography tip. Above all, I am the mother of an amazing boy.

I'm published. Visit, www.kimberlyhatchphotography.com/Credentials

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